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For the Love of Pasta (Romano X Reader)

A/N: Hiya! Whelp, I'm trying something new!! X3 For some odd reason Romano seems to be growing on me so hey why not try writing with him and his brother, eh? lol XD Anyways, since this is my first reader-chan X Romano I wouldn't mind hearing some comments on this like if I need to improve Romano's character and what not (I don't think I did good on his part -_- but that's just me) But with that said, please don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! And sorry about the length I kinda went over board again :3

Translations: (Sorry if they aren't exactly correct I used Google translate since I can't speak Italian ^^')

[1] - Mi dispaice -  I'm sorry

[2] - Che cosa -  What?

[3] - Hai appena dovuto cheidere che non é vero, ragazza... - You just had to ask that didn't you, girl...

[4] - Mi dirai - You tell me.


“Feli? Romano?” You yelled out their names feeling a little paranoid after all it was ten minutes after midnight, in a dark hallway, at their house not to mention you were all alone and had no clue on where they were at. “G-Guys? This isn’t funny anymore…” Your voice trembled. “C-Come on…please…”


“Guys?” Your head swiveled around hoping to find the familiar curls of those two men. You weren’t sure why you had agreed to this but somehow they had managed to get you to stay over at their house. And now you were playing hide and seek. In the dark. In freaking twelve in the morning! You were seriously going to get these boys back for this.

“Aw come on!” You whined groaning rather loudly as your legs continued to stroll around the empty halls of theirs. Suddenly you heard one of the grandfather clocks chime somewhere within the building snapping you out of your annoyed state into a rather freaked out stage only for you to realize it was now thirty minutes after midnight. Finally after its chimes stop, you relaxed only to quickly stiffen up at the creepy sound escaping from one of the rooms within this place. “H-Hello?”


“Feli? Is that you?” You tried to hold your ground while slowly turning a little towards the slightly a jar door.


“Romano?” You tried again only to scrunch your eyebrows together with some annoyance. “You better not being trying to scare me… Because it sure as hell is working!” You panicked. For some reason you had a small hunch that he was the one behind all of this mainly because you had accidently told him that you had a fear of the dark. More like a paranoid fear that you wished you could get rid of.


“Okay, I am out of here!” You threw up your arms not even taking a second look over your shoulder; you ran down the stairs only to quickly yank open the front door hoping for a way out. But to your surprise and rather annoyed, you soon found out by jiggling the handles it was locked. From the inside. “Oh, come on!” You growled. “Of course it’s locked you stupid-good-for-nothing-door!” You kicked at the bottom frame only to flinch from the pain vibrating up your leg. Once your frustration subsided you sighed only to turn around still finding the room empty like it had been for the past forty-five minutes.

“It will be fun, they said,” You talked to yourself with a rather annoyed expression repeating the words that escaped from Feli’s when he tried to get you to play earlier. “Well fun, my ass…” You sighed not sure on whether to scream your head off or just to aimlessly wander around their house. Maybe find something fun in the process.

“Okay…now what?” You groaned still finding nothing to do. “It’s not like those Italians are going to listen to me, unless…”

Suddenly a small smirk spread across your lips as you made your way up the stairs and over to one of the empty rooms where you stuff was being held. Since they won’t answer your calls right now maybe you can get them to come out by themselves and the only way to do that is to…make pasta. Or just warm up the small bowl you had from last night since you were kind of hungry and not to mention this was the first time you were at their house so you really didn’t want to munch off of their food without permission even though you’ve known them for a couple of years now.

So with a quick couple minutes in the microwave that you managed to find in the kitchen downstairs, you walked into the living room only to plop down onto the couch with a small smile opening the steaming bowl of heated food. Even though it was leftovers from your house it still smelt pretty awesome. Grant it, it wasn’t as good as their Italian food but you don’t have that kind of talent like those two boys. So with small puffs of air, you slowly stuffed the fork into your mouth enjoying the savory noodles on your taste buds.

Within a matter of seconds you heard shuffling around the room causing you to stop in your tracks with the fork full of pasta suspended in the air, listening intently. Before you knew it you saw a small curl bouncing around happily along the edge of the coffee table. Confused and slightly amused you leaned over the edge only to find Feli on his hands and knees obviously trying to act sneaky.

“Feli?” You giggled. “What are you doing down there?”

“Ah, Bella! You-a found me!” He smiled cheerfully only to quickly bounce to his feet.

“Yeah, now where is your brother?” You cocked your head to the side forgetting about your food for the moment.

“Vee~ he was around here earlier…” He started to look around causing his curl to bounce a little more. You couldn’t help but to stare at it after it was a little confusing on how that thing floated around his head. You suddenly heard a muffled sneeze coming from a corner in the back of the room. Realizing who it was, you smirked only to set down your bowl and cupped your hands around your mouth.

“Oi! Loooviiii!” You yelled with a giggle. Immediately you got a response. And it didn’t sound too happy either more like someone bumping their head onto something hard.

“Don’t call me that! Stupid ragazza…” He growled as he moved out from behind a bookcase that was located in the corner, rubbing his head a little.  

“Then stop trying to scare me, you know how I am,” You stuck out your tongue at him.

"What are you talking about? I wasn't trying to scare you..." He scowled at this only for his gaze to flicker down to the bowl on the table.

"You weren't?" You raised your eyebrows now completely confused about the weird noises you heard earlier. "Then what were those noises..." You whispered.

“What is that?” His left eyebrow shot up obviously not hearing your small worried words. You immediately looked up at him only to find him staring down at your food.

“Oh, it's leftovers,” You shrugged.

“Seriously…” He stared blankly at you.

“Yeah,” You tried not to shrink away from his gaze. “I didn’t want to be rude so I brought my own food…”

Soon after your small explanation he grunted as his little curl spazzed out a bit before he turned away and made his way over to the kitchen. Slightly confused you look over at Italy only to find him shrugging his shoulders at you obviously just as confused as you were. So with a rather confused expression you stood from your spot only to have Italy following behind as the both of you entered the kitchen. You were greeted with light from the ceiling causing you to squint a bit but that’s not what made your eyes widen. It was Romano. And he was cooking. At night. (Hehe >:3 SpongeBob reference!)

“Wha-What are you doing?” You finally found your words.

“Mind your own damn business,” He growled not even bothering to turn around as he started to stir something that was blocked from your line of vision.

“Great, he’s in his pmsing mood again…” You sighed.

“Alright…” You said out loud but being the persistent person you were you quickly run up to him and looked over his shoulder only for your eyes to widen with slight shock. In the steaming pot you saw boiling fettuccine noodles but you were immediately pushed away by a rather frustrated Romano before you could see anything else. “H-Hey…” You pouted. “Can’t I help?”

“No,” He quickly stated just as he got you out of the kitchen and pushed you out. Before you could even recover from your stumbles you heard the door click shut behind you obviously stating he doesn’t want you to bother him. So with a small sigh of defeat you walked over to the couch and plopped back down only to hug your knees to your chest in thought.

“Why did he have to be so mean…” You pouted. “I just wanted to help…and maybe get to know him a little more…”

Little did people know but you had actually developed a small crush on the man, okay, maybe small wasn’t the right word but you get the point. But with the small act of reject from him it made you feel a little unwanted so with a small frown you looked back down at your bowl of leftovers in thought. Now that you thought about it he pretty much shut you out no matter what you do. It just seems everytime you try to do something with him he ignores you or just gives you rude comments. You shook away those thoughts only to sigh thinking some more.

“I wonder why he suddenly wanted to make pasta anyways,” You scrunched your eyebrows together. “It’s not exactly a good time…plus the amount of carbs at this hour…I wonder what kind it is to?”

You quickly sighed not understanding the motives behind that stubborn man. He was just too hard to read but his brother on the other hand was a completely different story. Seriously, there like the complete opposite of each other. But the only thing that seemed to have in common was that little hair curl on their heads. Not a single day has passed without your thoughts creeping to those two curls they were just so cute but…weird. Suddenly you smelt a very delicious scent drafting in the air causing your mouth to water a little despite your complaints just moments before.

“Mm…” You smiled at the lovely scented air only to peek back at the closed door only to feel your legs moving closer to that specific spot. “Maybe a small peek wouldn’t hurt…right?”

With that in mind, you slowly turned the knob finding out to your advantage it was unlocked. So with a sneaky smile you peeked through the crack of the door only to find Romano tasting some sauce he must have made. But to your surprise it wasn’t red in fact it was white so it must be something else besides spaghetti for once. He smiled obviously satisfied with the result. You felt your heart do a number of flips from upon seeing him smile. Not once in this friendship had you seen him smile well not with that much emotion anyways.

“Maybe he does have a sweet side…” You smiled at the thought. “I wish I could see that side of him…it would be nice for a change…”

You were about to move away from the door when you suddenly saw a small curl bouncing in front of you, confused you brought your gaze down only to find a smiling Feli as he opened the door further.

“Bella! What are you doing out there?” He tilted his head.

“Your stubborn brother pushed me out,” You sighed.

“Fratello did?” He cocked his head further only to turn his gaze over to his brother.  “Why?”

“Ah, stupid ragazza was getting in my way…” He kept his back towards you so he wasn’t able to see the small hurt forming in your eyes. You couldn’t help but to feel the sting of his words. Yeah, he was rude at times, well most of the time but this time it felt stronger than normal.

“Well excuse me for trying to help you…” You sniffled trying to hold back your tears only to quickly turn on your heels not seeing the worried expression on Feli’s face and the rather startled one on Romano’s.

“B-Bella! W-Wait!” You heard Feli’s voice echo after you but the only thing you heard was the grunt escaping from your crushes lips. Apparently he didn’t feel the same as you do.  

With a huff and a puff you quickly ran back upstairs only to slam your door shut behind you once you got to your room for the night. You didn’t know why but you just couldn’t hold back the frustration and anger held within your body but instead of screaming your head off you ended up throwing yourself on the bed crying your eyes out.

“Why…” You sniffled. “I just want to be with him, is that too much to ask!?”

Suddenly you heard a rather loud crash emitting from downstairs but you were to depressed to care what was happening down there. So instead of getting up on your feet you brought your knees up to your chest again and hugged them tight trying to get rid of those mean words you heard from Romano’s mouth. About a few minutes later you heard a pair of footsteps coming up the stairs, not wanting to see anybody right now you turned away from the door and hid yourself under the bundle of blankets on the bed.
Not even a minute later you heard your door being pushed open along with a small tired sigh escaping from someone’s lips. Next you heard their footsteps proceed towards you, feeling annoyed you shrink in on yourself hoping this person would just leave you to your sorrows. After all, your crush just slammed his rejection into your face maybe not literally but it sure felt like it to you.

“[f-f/n]?” You heard him speak up as the bed slowly dipped down next to you as you heard a small thump by the bed from them setting something down. Right away you knew it was Romano. Apparently something happened downstairs with his brother and somehow Feli must have convinced him to come check up on you. Maybe Germany showed up...


“[f/n]?” You heard him again as he sighed once more. “Look, mi dispiace [1], alright…” You tensed up at the words, they were definitely not the ones you were expecting especially from him. Once he didn’t receive an answer from you again you heard him grunt with disappointment. Feeling a little guilty for not answering back you slowly poked your head out from underneath the warm fabric only to find his back facing you as he buried his face into his hands. Suddenly smelling the familiar scent as before you found yourself looking over at a bowl of fettuccine alfredo, one of your favorite dishes, on your nightstand beside the bed. Now feeling absolutely guilty you slowly rise from your cocoon forgetting about your tear stained face. Before you knew it you saw his beautiful hazel eyes staring into yours filled with surprise probably not expecting you to move so soon.

You sat there twitching ever so slightly with your hands under his stare as a small blush crept onto your cheeks before you mumbled, “I’m sorry to…”


“I shouldn’t have snapped like that…” You continued but with each passing word your voice started to disappear until it was completely gone. Suddenly you were introduced with the steaming bowl of creamy noodles as Romano shoved them into your face while looking away with redden cheeks. You blinked a few times a little startled by his actions but slowly smiled and took the warm bowl from his grasp. “S-Soo this was what you made…?”

“Si,” He still avoided your gaze his habits returned from being around Antonio too much. You smiled at the sweet thought and slowly grabbed the fork only to take a small bite of the warm entree. Immediately your mouth was filled with delicious flavors causing your gaze to widen on how good it was. You even thought it was the best dish you’ve ever eaten since like well…forever.

“I wonder why he’s being so nice all of the sudden…?” You stared down into the noodles. “Maybe…he’s trying to tell me something? … Nah, that’s can’t be it…”
Suddenly you felt his gentle touch graze against yours as he gently took the bowl away from your hands. With confusion you watched him set it back down onto the nightstand only to return your gaze back to him just as his curl spazzed out for a minute. Now intrigued, you leaned forward onto your hands and knees letting your curiosity take over your mind. He must have seen your curiosity in your gaze because he was now looking down at you with a raised eyebrow as you eyed his curl some more.

“Che cosa?[1]” His voice rung with a heavy accent. You smiled at his words realizing you could actually understand them since you’ve been around the brothers for far too long picking up some of their native tongue.

“Nothing but…” You brought up your hand hoping to touch the curl but was immediately stopped by his own hand as he gave you a warning look.

“Don’t,” He pursed his lips.

“Why?” You cocked your head to the side. “It’s just hair, right?”

“Just don’t touch it, ever,” He warned again as you slowly brought down your hand.

“Aww,” You pouted but then nodded with some understanding since you really didn’t like people messing with your hair either. “Okay, if you say so…”

He watched you for a second probably making sure you wouldn’t pull any kind of trick but all you did was sit there on the edge of the bed swinging your legs a bit in thought. That’s when he saw how red and puffy your eyes were.

“Bella?” He reached forward as you looked over at him with patient eyes.

“Yeah, what—” You cut short from upon feeling his gentle touch on your puffy cheeks from your recent crying. Your eyes widened realizing that he noticed the very thing that you didn’t want him to. Suddenly he dropped his hand while combing it through his hair as he started to spit out several words in his native tongue. The only time you knew when he went full out Italian was when he was extremely upset. Feeling a little worried for the man, you slowly brought up your knees against your chest again only to lean to your left onto his warm shoulder. He stopped mid-sentence as you sighed in content not wanting to move from your now comfy spot. Feeling the sting from your recent tears you slowly closed your eyes hoping to stop the annoying pain.

“Ragazza?” You heard him again, even a few seconds later you felt his fingertips graze against your cheek removing a small strand of hair away from your face. You couldn’t help but to snuggle closer to him, he was just so warm and comforting and you didn’t want it to end even though he was the reason for your tears. “Idiota, if you stay here like that you’ll end up feeling stiff in the morning…”

“So…” You mumbled; you got a small click of his tongue before you felt him leaning backwards onto the palms of his hands giving himself the support to hold you. You felt your cheeks warm up again but this time you let it slid not caring right about then since you were actually gathering up the courage to talk to him but you soon found yourself drifting asleep. So with a lot of effort you opened your mouth hoping to say what was on your mind.

“Lovi?” You mumbled slitting your eyes open staring a little in thought at his clothed chest.

“What do you want?” He sighed not looking at you instead he was staring up at the ceiling with his head hung back obviously a little annoyed because you used the nickname he despised.

“Why do you shut me out?” You frowned. Instantly you felt his body twitch underneath you obviously giving away the fact that he wasn’t ready for such a question. "It's almost like everytime I try to help you or just do anything with you, you just end up pushing me away physically and with hurtful words..."

“Oi, hai appena dovuto chiedere she non é vero, ragazza?[2]” He mumbled as his cheeks changed to a tinted pink only for him to fall back onto the bed. You squeaked with surprise not expecting him to sudden change positions as you fell down next to him onto to the soft fabric.

“What was that for?” You brought your confused and a little annoyed gaze up to his, he puffed out his cheeks a little flustered by your sudden cuteness also not looking you in the eye still.

“I-It’s-a nothing…” He mumbled as his cheeks grew darker still. “Don’t worry about it…”

“Can’t you a least answer my first question,” You pouted giving him the pouty lip.  


"Please..." You begged further sueezing your eyes shut turning over onto your stomach while you scooted closer to him. Before he knew it you were leaning on your arms against his chest while at the same time letting your hair fall down into his vision as you puffed out your cheeks being a little impatient with him.

"Oi, did you really have to give me that look?" He huffed only to form a small smile on his lips.

"Yes," You stuck out your tongue at him. "What's it to ya anyways?"


"Just answer my question please," You sighed falling down onto his warm chest not letting him see the nervousness you were feeling right at that moment.

"..." His breath hitched before he sighed rather dramatically to and added, "Fine...since your persitant to know, idiota..." Immediately your heart lifted from hearing this but then sped up now worried about the coming up words that will soon excape his mouth. "You better not laugh at me for this..."

"I won't," You groaned getting even more impatiant as he dragged out his answer. "Just say it already..."

"Hmph..." He grunted as he cleared his throat trying to find the right words. "It's because I--" He covered his eyes with his arm only to suddenly hear the door slam open along with a high pitched yelp.

"F-FRATELLO!" Feli panicked while waving his arms about. This only resulted with you being thrown off of Romano onto the floor as he stood from his spot with a rather fuming expression towards his brother.

"Bastardo!" Romano growled. "Why did you have to come in here at a moment like this!?"

"W-Whaaaa!?" Feli shrinked away from his fuming brother. "What did-a I do?"

"Idiota! Just get-a out of here!" Romano pushed him out only to slam the door into his confused little brother. You stayed sitting on the ground not sure on whether to stand up or just to stay on the floor in this rather awkward situation. But before you could even sigh you felt his hand wrap around your arm pulling you to your feet. Blinking a few times, you soon found a rather embarressed Romano in front of you not looking you in the eye in fact he seemed to be having a staring contest with the floor. "Mi dispiace..."

"Heh," You giggled at his state. "It's alright...but what were you going to say?"

"..." Another silent treatment.

"Aw, Romano!" You pouted again. "Don't start this again!"

"Hmph, fine..." He brought his gaze back to yours showing a new sign of courage only to quickly wrap his arm around your waist bringing you closer to him. You immediately felt your cheks reddening up from the sudden contact as you stuttered non-sense.

"W-What are y-you doing?" You squeaked as he looked through slitted eyes at you.

"Mi dirai [4]," He smirked. "You asked why I shut you out earlier and here's my answer..."

"Wha--" You opened your mouth only to feel his crashing down onto yours. Feeling rather surprised you tense up only to slowly melt into his forceful yet gentle kiss but before you knew it and to your disappointment he was already pulling away with flushed cheeks.

"And now you know," He cleared his throat unwrapping himself from you not waiting for your answer in return. You stand there a little confused on why he was leaving so instead of giving him the chance to run away you quickly glomped him from behind cuasing the both of you tumbling to the ground. You quickly buried your face into his back before he could get a good look at your face obviously completely embaressed by the fact that he just confessed to you.

"D-Don't go..." You mumbled. "Please..."


"And for your information tough guy," You slowly brought your gaze up to his. "You never asked for my opinion..." He raised his eyebrows at your words as his cheeks continued to warm up.

"Yeah, so?" He looked away from you causing his curl to bounce.

"Well just so you know," You took in a small breath for courage. "I do really like you...a lot...maybe even completely fallen head over heels for you. So please don't shut me out anymore..."

"Maybe..." You heard his smirk in his voice as he brought his gaze back to you. Confused you scrunched your eyebrows together not getting was he was trying to say.

"Why, maybe?" You cocked your head to the side.

"Because its fun messing with you," He smirked even more. With in a matter of widened eyes and a gasp you quickly find yourself hitting him just as he somehow managed to turn around so you were now laying on his chest.

"Idiot, idiot, idiot!" You huffed puffing out your cheeks. He just smiled while dodging your length of puny hits. "Stop being so mean to me, you meaner." But before you knew it you heard the door opening again causing you to stop mid-strike as well as Romano who tipped his head back at the newcomer. Before the both of you was Feli again but this time he was hiding behind someone. Someone who that you knew Romano doesn't really like and that person just had to show up like this. Of course it was Germany.

"What the hell!?" His faced contorted with shock. "What are you two doing!?"

"Wouldn't you like to know stupid potaoto eating bastard," Romano smirked. Man, he's gotten confident lately.

"Lovi!" You looked down at him with shock.

"What?" He looked back at you with some confusion.

"You know vhat," Lugwig sighed planting his hand onto his forehead. "I don't care, just don't do anything stupid..."

"Oi! Potaoto bastard!" Romano yelled as he started to close the door. "I do what the hell I want!" You couldn't help but to snicker at that last comment partly because you knew it wasn't true. Whenever it came down to it you knew Romano would just end up hiding somewhere away from Germany whenver he got the chance. Immediately you were thrown a raised eyebrow from him quetisoning your snickers.

"Aw, come on," You laughed. "You know that isn't true."

"Yeah, so," He laid his head back down as you slowly tried to get up from your spot on top of him but soon you felt his arms wrap around your waist pulling you back down on top of him. You squeaked a little surprised only to feel his lips against yours again this time letting you to kiss back with passion. But to both of your dismay you pulled away and set your forehead against his with a smile.

"Thanks, Lovi," You smiled. "For the fetticine that is...and for this as well."

"Yeah, whatever, just don't go asking for a lot of things, I'm not a miracle worker," He rolled his eyes before tighening his grip around your waist pulling you into yet another kiss. You smiled within it only to giggle.

"I know," You whispered. "But youre mine now, Lovi..."

He quickly parted the kiss only to give you a look, "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"I don't know a lot," You rolled your eyes before smiling down at him. "But its really cute though..."

"That's what you think," He huffed but you didn't let him argue anymore as you kissed him again you were tried of all of the talking you just wanted to kiss him over and over glad to know that he liked you just as you like him. Maybe it was something more. But all that matter right at that moment you were with him and he wasn't pushing you away anymore only pulling you in. That's something you've wanted for years now and now you got it with the help of pasta that is. Who knew food was the thing that brought you two together.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way," You smiled feeling his grip tighten more on you as you both finally borke the kiss again. "It's just to perfecto..."
Something different!! Yaaaay!! ^w^ Please do enjoy!! :3
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